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የፊታችን ታህሣሥ 6 _ 2016 ዓም ቅዳሜ ቀን ከ 6፡30 ጀምሮ ትምህርት እና የልምድ ልውውጥ ስለሚኖር ሁላችሁም ተጋብዛችኋል። ቦታው ቦሌ ድልድይ ከስካይ ላይት ጀርባ የኢትዮጵያ ስኳር ህመም ማህበር ግቢ ውስጥ።


November marks diabetes awareness month, a global awareness campaign that aims to raise understanding about diabetes, advocates for improved diabetes care and prevention, and supports those affected by the condition. Strong associations are essential for providing high-quality diabetes care; EDA reaffirmed its commitment to making this a reality across its 85 branch associations. EDA has successfully celebrated the World Diabetes Day and the diabetes awareness month of November with various awareness and screening campaigns under this year's theme - Diabetes: Know Your Risk, Know Your Response. Mass screening and panel discussion events were held at the Addis Ababa main office as well as Hawassa, Mekelle, Jimma, Gonder, and Dire Dawa branch associations, providing free FBS/RBS, HTN, BUM/Cr, and CBC tests for more than 650 of our association members in collaboration with the ICL. We also provided free screenings to 207 adults at Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate and for 1,200 adults at E
2023-11-24 08:58:11
There was a camp around Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia, for type 1 diabetes children. The camp was sponsored by the Ethiopian Diabetes Association and it was open to all type 1 diabetes children whose age between 15 to 17, regardless of their location. The camp was a great success and the children had a lot of fun. They learned a lot about type 1 diabetes management and they made a lot of new friends. The camp also helped to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes in Ethiopia and to reduce the stigma assoc
2023-09-25 09:03:37
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